“We will tell the next generation about the LORD’S power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done.”

Psalm 78:4


The Immeasurable Impact of PPCC KIDMIN

Fundraising & Construction Updates!

TODAY: 35% of the money is in-hand that we need to move forward with construction of both projects below. That is enough cash to get started, so onward we go! Trusting in God to provide the rest. 

NEXT WEEK: Architect plans are complete. Building permits are next!

THIS MONTH: We need to grow in faith and invest in the kids and students of Pikes Peak Christian Church. They are the future of PPCC and everything that band of believers stood for decades ago. We heard how nerve-wracking it was when our church built and expanded on Aspen Drive, then moved right here on Bradley Road. The majority of attendees today, made PPCC their home church after we built the new worship center 7 years ago. 

NEXT MONTH: We need the remaining $485,483 before March 31, if we are to complete both projects. Both projects are illustrated, below, in detail if you watch the videos. When every adult attendee chooses to give a sacrificial gift, no matter what size, we will make our goal!  It seems like a hard choice at first, but more manageable when taken out of a tax return or surprise check we receive in the mail! 

This is the time to grow in our faith together and see what God can do when we fully submit to Him!

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Look what we’re doing in PPCC KIDMIN!

NEXT GEN Worship Center Remodel Preview

KIDMIN Worship Area (Room 208)