Let’s answer the burning question right away. Does God love those that are homosexual? The answer to that question is yes! Immeasurably!!! With that being said, what should be the church’s moral , loving, and truthful response to those that struggle with this issue and many others?

Is Heaven for real? Really? What about reincarnation, transcendence, Purgatory, and Hell? Why would a good God create such a horrible place as Hell, and why would he send good people there? Find the answer to the questions  “Is Heaven for Real? What about Hell?”

Wars, famine, natural disasters, murder, sickness. Why is there so much bad in the world? Where is God when there is so much bad in? Does He care? Does He see? What, if anything, is He doing about it? find the answer to these questions.

Got Questions?
Who says Jesus is the only way? Aren’t there many roads to God. Who are you to say what’s the exact way? Shouldn’t we just let every person figure it our for themselves, and believe what is best for them? What makes the Christian Church right? “Is Jesus the ONLY way?”


Got Questions?
Part 1: Who Needs Church?


Anyone who enters the church expecting perfection does not understand the nature of that risk or the nature of humanity. Just as every romantic eventually learns that marriage is the beginning, not the end, of the struggle to make love work, every Christian must learn that church is also only a beginning.
(Philip Yancey in the book, Church: Why Bother?)