Our Student Ministry is looking for men and women who love Jesus, love young people, and want to help them grow in their walk with Jesus.  If that’s you, would you consider becoming a Student Ministry Small Group Leader during msINCLINE (5-8th graders, Sunday Mornings 9:15am) or hsALTITUDE (9-12th graders, Sunday nights 6:30pm)?

2 Current Needs:

  • msINCLINE Small Group Leaders (5th grade boys leaders, 5th grade girls leaders, 7th grade girls leader, 7th grade boys leader)
  • We are also looking for a couple people to lead a group of Middle Schoolers on Wednesday nights during our Re-engage marriage ministry.  Curriculum and ideas would be provided.

If interested in either of these positions, please fill out an application by clicking here and/or contact Pastor Dustin (Dustin@ppcc.church, 719-392-9061 X123)


POSITION: Student Ministry Small Group Leader (msINCLINE or hsALTITUDE)

RESPONSIBLE TO: Student Pastor

DESCRIPTION: Small Group Leaders are responsible for providing their groups with vision, direction, and support. Leaders are successful when they are personally growing in their intimacy with God, have community with fellow believers, influence with people outside of the church, and are leading their groups in such a way as to encourage the group members’ growth in these three relational areas as well.

MISSION STATEMENT: To build relationships and encourage students to become passionate followers of Jesus.

TIME COMMITMENT: 2-3 hours each week: 1½-2 hours at msINCLINE or hsALTITUDE, 1/2-1 hours of contact work, follow up, encouragement, attending special events, etc.


  1. Actively participate in weekly Sunday Morning Worship Service.
  2. Be committed to maintaining unity by understanding and supporting the core values and beliefs of Pikes Peak Christian Church.
  3. Have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. Plan ahead and be prepared for each small group meeting.
  2. Pray for everyone in your group and your student pastor on a weekly basis.
  3. Contact members of your group on a regular basis (contact work). This can be done through email, phone calls, one-on-one get-togethers, or going out with your students as a group. Build a sense of community amongst your group by assigning different group members different roles within the group (such as praying, leading icebreakers, etc.), caring for those who have special needs as they occur, and meeting for social events on a regular basis.
  4. Prepare for small group lessons. Facilitate group discussions, questions, and challenges that will enable the group to grow deeper in their walk with Christ
  5. When the opportunity arises, identify and develop potential leaders within your small group through mentoring.
  6. Make yourself available to your group members for general pastoral care


Small Group Leader Covenant:

In order to lead a closed small group there are some responsibilities that you need to be willing to agree to.

  1. I agree to growing in my relationship with Jesus realizing that I can’t lead students further than my own spiritual level
  2. I agree to attend the adult worship service regularly to grow in my own walk with Jesus.
  3. I agree with the Statement of Faith of our church (found on our website).
  4. I agree to living a lifestyle that sets an example to the students in my group. (ex. not abusing substances; not pursuing a lifestyle of unrepentant sin; not posting inappropriate things on social media, etc.)
  5. I agree to invest in relationships with the students in my group with the ultimate goal of Discipling them
  6. I agree to create a safe place by keeping things said in the group confidential (unless a student plans to hurt themselves, someone else, or is being hurt)
  7. I agree to be present for my students (setting the example by sitting with my students, by not being on my phone, not talking to other leaders, or not being in/out of the room during large and/or small group).
  8. I agree to be consistent and committed to my small group, making it a top priority each week.
  9. I agree to be present whenever possible realizing that time is valuable with my students.
  10. I agree to spending time during the week contacting my students and encouraging, challenging, and praying for them. I will occasionally go out of my way to attend extracurricular or special events to build relationships with students and parents.
  11. I agree to being willing to respect others, listen, learn, and create a safe place for small group conversation
  12. I agree to spend time becoming the best small group leader possible by learning (watching training videos, reading books, listening to podcasts, etc.), growing, and seeking help from others.

Why have msINLCINE on Sundays at 9:15am?

  1. We chose 9:15am because it’s in the middle of our 3 services and it is also a bit earlier in case families have other plans on Sundays.  Families can come at 9:15 then leave or can choose to come to service at 8am and then have their kids go to msINLCINE or they can come to msINLCINE and then attend 11:00 service together.  It gives families a lot more flexibility.
  2. Parents will have something to do while their kids are here (attend service or serve somewhere) which should increase consistency of students and their parents on Sunday mornings
  3. We never have to cancel a Sunday morning due to weather (unless we cancel church).

What about students/families who can’t come at 9:15am?

We realize families will have to make a choice. Our desire is that every family will choose to be here at 9:15am.  But the reality is that some will choose not to.  We also know that families will adjust their schedule for what is important to them and best for their kids (i.e. if baseball practice is at 6pm Thur., families will adjust to make it work)

What will 5-8th graders do at 11:00am?

Students will have 2 main choices if their family stays for the 11:00am service:

  1. Attend the main worship service together as a family at 11:00am (we believe it is so important to begin to develop the habit of attending an adult worship service at this age so it becomes a discipline and a habit for a lifetime)
  2. If students can be mature and responsible we would love for them to find a place to serve with our younger children (at least 4 full years separation; 5th graders could help with 1st grade and down, 8th graders could help with 4th graders and down).  If you are interested in serving in NextGen click here

What will Sunday Morning msINCLINE look like?

Schedule (may change a bit):

  • 8:45-9:25am – Check in/Hang out/game time
  • 9:25 – Welcome/Announcements
  • 9:30 – Interactive (up front game, group game, object lesson, etc.)
  • 9:40 – Praise/Worship
  • 9:50 – Teaching Time (primarily video teachings but will alternate a bit)
  • 10:05 – Follow Up Worship Song w/ communion time
  • 10:10-10:35 – Small Group time- labor day – memorial day; no small groups in the summer (separated by gender and grade to be most effective; groups will make circles around the NextGen Worship center)

Pastor Darrin talked about the harmful effects of pornography so we wanted to give you some resources to help:

Personal Help/Information:

  1. https://www.xxxchurch.com (religious, lots of information, workshops, accountability software, etc. that deals with the dangers and harmfulness of pornography from a spiritual perspective)
  2. https://fightthenewdrug.org (non-religious, information on the harmful effects of pornography from a non-religious point of view)
  3. https://endsexualexploitation.org/resources/ (several links for more resources including tools for parents, technology solutions, educational videos, etc.)

Parent Resources:

It’s important for parents to create a healthy safe environment to talk about issues like sexual intimacy, pornography, sexual exploitation. You want your kids to be able to come to you when they see or hear things they have questions about.  The long term goal is to build trust and deal with the heart when it comes to sexual integrity.  At some point they will be out of your home and have full unrestricted access to everything. Create an environment where things can be talked about in a healthy environment.

  1. Watch these videos from Summit Ministries: Navigating a Technological and Pornified Culture
  2. Check out these books when talking to younger children: Good Pictures, Bad Pictures & Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.
  3. Protect your kids devices: Apple Devices, Android Devices
  4. Protect your home network with something like OpenDNS



Our Re|Engage Ministry is hosting Marriage Night at PPCC on Friday, May 17th from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  This event is a simulcast that will feature experts Francis and Lisa Chan, Les and Leslie Parrott, and comedian Michael Jr.  This will be an evening filled with laughter, fellowship and great information on how to grow your marriage.

The cost is $15 per person and includes dinner.  No childcare provided.  You may register for this event at www.marriagenight.org.

If you would like more information about this event, please contact the ministry leaders:

Barry and Susan Dodson

We are looking forward to a night of laughter, fellowship and growth in our marriages!

11/01/15 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks about our money being brought to the stand to testify in court. What does your money say about you and what is the verdict?

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