Part 6:Faith in every Circumstance
Romans 8: 1-39

The Word of God is a believer’s insight to the personality of God. It is how we learn His likes and His dislikes, what pleases His heart, and what makes Him angry. It shows us how He feels about us, and how He is going to operate in our daily, and eternal lives. As we grow we must be able to stand on God’s word in every circumstance.
When you cannot see the trace of God’s hand, you must trust His heart
~Babbie Masson

The daily influences over our life circumstance
1. ________________Law: The law of gravity
2. ________________Will. God has given every man the ability to choose Gen 2: 16-17
3. _________________Will: John 10:10 (a) the thief comes but to steal, and to Kill, and to destroy
4. _________________Will: John 10:10 (b) But I have come, that they might have Life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Lisa’s Journey
Turn your __________toward the storm
You are either a church _________ __________, or a ________ of _______.
For the Follower of Christ Romans 8
Faith in God is like an ____________. It doesn’t stop the __________, but it sure lessens its____________on you.
Standing on the Word of God, turn your _______ toward the storm.

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  1. Lisa Edmonds
    Lisa Edmonds says:

    It is my greatest desire that people see the hand of God in their lives. Never were we promised a life of charm and perfection, but we are promised that God would NEVER leave us, or FORSAKE us. I have found this to be true. Death, homelessness, hopelessness, stresses, and struggles, nothing separates us from the love of God. He will work all things for our good, and you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. May you see God’s story in your life!
    Lisa D. Edmonds


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