I wanted to give you some updates regarding our High School Ministry!

1) Updated Zoom Link with Password
I apologize that some of you haven’t been able to join us online. To provide security/safety to our students we added a password to our meetings.  I have been texting out the info. but some of you aren’t on our texting list. We’ll be online each Sunday evening at 6:30pm and be breaking out into small groups after our large group.
Meeting ID: 804-831-249
Password: altitude

2) Join texting list
If you aren’t receiving our high school ministry texts join our list by texting keyword @hsaltitude to phone number 81010 or click this link: https://www.remind.com/join/hsaltitude

3) Online Resources
We started a new 3 week series called “Love/Hate”. Click this link: https://www.yes2god.org/hsaltitude-series/ for lots of resources including daily bible reading, parent cue, and even a link to the teaching videos and small group questions in case you can’t join us on Sunday evenings.

4) Save The Date for Summer Camp
We were hoping to take our HS students to CIY Move at Glorieta Camp in late June but that has been cancelled due to Covid-19. We are planning and hoping to do our own version of CIY Move here locally with some other churches the week of July 28-31.  The cost of this event will be much cheaper then if we went took students to Glorieta.  Save those dates. We are also potentially looking at a short retreat at Camp Como in early Aug. but that is not set in stone. We hope to have some scholarships available to families in need. We’re planning on Middle School camp July 13-16.

5) Schedule a time to talk/pray
I’m always available to talk/pray with students and/or parents about anything. If you’d like, you can schedule an online meeting here: https://calendly.com/dustinfisher

6) Parent/Discipleship Resources
Our desire is for the home to be the primary place of discipleship for all students.  We of course want students to grow on their own.  If you’re not sure how to do that here is a list of some places to start:

  • https://axis.org – Great resource with lots of parent guides, articles, etc. Sign up for their free culture translator.
  • Right Now Media – The Netflix of Christian media. Lots of great bible studies, documentaries, etc.
  • The Chosen – A great new mini series on the life of Jesus (only 8 episode right now).  I highly recommend families watch this together.
  • The Bible Project – this is a great bible resource with lots of videos
  • Empowered Homes – This is a new resource I came across, not 100% sure of all their content but worth looking at
  • If you’re looking for specific resources please contact me and I can make some recommendations.

7) Online Gaming

We’ve given out students some opportunity to connect together with online gaming including a couple Minecraft realms.  Click here to get details and share your gaming information with others in our ministry.

Until All Know,

Dustin Fisher
Student Pastor
Pikes Peak Christian Church
Ph: (719) 392-9061 x123  Fax: (719) 392-4411

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