We meet Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the NextGen Worship Center.

Each student will need a permission/release form on file to attend:


If you’d rather you middle school student not attend at this time then you can find teaching videos and questions at the links below to continue at home discipleship.

Series: FAM (Sep. 20, 27, Oct. 4, & 11)

We’re starting a new series this week about a topic that every one of us knows a thing or two about: family! We know each student comes from a unique family dynamic, we’ll be pointing them toward the importance of finding ways to love their family. Week 2, we’re focusing on the way God can use every family. No matter how messy, imperfect, or complicated your students’ family dynamics might be, you can encourage them this week with the truth that God is still working. Week 3, we’re focusing on what it looks likes when a family changes. Whether the change is for better or for worse, the important thing is the truth that God is with them. That never changes! Week 4, This week focuses on the way God provides other people in our lives to be like family.

Here are some resources for students & parents for this series:


Our desire as a ministry is for discipleship to take place at home and support parents in their role as the primary spiritual influence in a young person’s life.  In order to do this we wanted to provide you with some follow up material to use at home to continue the discussion and have a better understanding of what we’ve been talking about during msINCLINE. Click the buttons above to find useful resources.

Teaching Video/Small Group Questions


Our desire is for students to join us live in person on Sunday mornings but if that is not possible we’ve included links to videos and small group questions to view together as a family. If you have any needs that our ministry can meet please reach out to Pastor Dustin.

Below is a link to the teaching video we will be using with our students each week. Please do not download the video or share it in any way (social media, email, etc.), it was purchased by PPCC for the use of our students and parents.

Teaching Video – Week 1 (please do not download or share link)

Small Group Questions – Week 1

Teaching Video – Week 2 (please do not download or share link)

Small Group Questions – Week 2

Teaching Video – Week 3 (please do not download or share link)

Small Group Questions – Week 3

Teaching Video – Week 4 (please do not download or share link)

Small Group Questions – Week 4

Also, we are looking for adults who love Jesus and love students who could be consistent and committed to leading a small group. If interested visit https://www.yes2god.org/leadsmallgroup/