Series: None of Your Business 

(Mar. 8, 15, 22, & 29)

We’re kicking off a brand-new series about a really important (and potentially awkward!) topic for our middle schoolers. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about sex in this four-week series called None of Your Business.

Week 1 (Mar. 8) – Our goal is to start a conversation that will open our students’ eyes to see God’s good and powerful design for sex.

Week 2 (Mar. 15) – We’re talking about a specific way sex impacts our lives; through technology.

Week 3 (Mar. 22) – Our conversation is about pornography. Our goal is to help students see how something like pornography can impact their lives, both today and in the future.

Week 4 (Mar. 29) – To finish our conversation on this topic, we’ll encourage students to think about and set boundaries for themselves and their relationships.

Here are some resources for students & parents for this series:


Our desire as a ministry is for discipleship to take place at home and support parents in their role as the primary spiritual influence in a young person’s life.  In order to do this we wanted to provide you with some follow up material to use at home to continue the discussion and have a better understanding of what we’ve been talking about during msINCLINE. Click the buttons above to find useful resources.

Parent Preview

Teaching Videos/Small Group Questions

Below is a link to the teaching videos we will be using with our students each week and the small group questions that our leaders will be using. Please do not download the video or share them in any way (social media, email, etc.), it was purchased by PPCC for the use of our students and parents.

Week 1 (Mar. 8) Video:

Week 1 (Mar. 8) Small Group Questions:

Week 2 (Mar. 15) Video:

Week 2 (Mar. 15) Small Group Questions:

Week 3 (Mar. 22) Video:

Week 3 (Mar. 22) Small Group Questions:

Week 4 (Mar. 29) Video:

Week 4 (Mar. 29) Small Group Questions:

Also, we are looking for adults who love Jesus and love students who could be consistent and committed to leading a small group. If interested visit