Pastor Darrin talked about the harmful effects of pornography so we wanted to give you some resources to help:

Personal Help/Information:

  1. (religious, lots of information, workshops, accountability software, etc. that deals with the dangers and harmfulness of pornography from a spiritual perspective)
  2. (non-religious, information on the harmful effects of pornography from a non-religious point of view)
  3. (several links for more resources including tools for parents, technology solutions, educational videos, etc.)

Parent Resources:

It’s important for parents to create a healthy safe environment to talk about issues like sexual intimacy, pornography, sexual exploitation. You want your kids to be able to come to you when they see or hear things they have questions about.  The long term goal is to build trust and deal with the heart when it comes to sexual integrity.  At some point they will be out of your home and have full unrestricted access to everything. Create an environment where things can be talked about in a healthy environment.

  1. Watch these videos from Summit Ministries: Navigating a Technological and Pornified Culture
  2. Check out these books when talking to younger children: Good Pictures, Bad Pictures & Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.
  3. Protect your kids devices: Apple Devices, Android Devices
  4. Protect your home network with something like OpenDNS



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