Pikes Peak Student Ministry

Movie Night on Disney+ & Zoom

April 3 @ 7pm


  1. Login to your own Disney+ account (if you don’t have one get one or start a free trial)
  2. Login to our Zoom Call anytime after 6:30pm to hang out (ID 576-500-089)
  3. Find “Onward”* on Disney+
  4. Click Play so the movie has an opportunity to load/buffer a little bit, pause and scroll back to 0:00
  5. Right when this countdown timer reaches 0:00 (at 7:01pm) press play on the movie
  6. Turn your Zoom audio off during the movie
  7. Feel free to chat on Zoom during the movie
  8. After the movie feel free to hang out on Zoom if you’d like

* Onward is a fictional movie with magic & spells, it is up to parents whether or not their kids can watch this movie. We aren’t promoting darkness/magic in any way it’s just a fictional movie.