I have a consuming passion (strong desire, great concern) to reach people who don’t know Christ.
I put great importance (high priority) on repentance (sorrow, regret, resulting in turning from sin).
I believe I am very discerning (perceptive) of other people’s motives.
When I speak, I desire to stir other people’s consciences (make them think, convict them to act).
I have an unusually strong desire to study God’s Word.
I place great importance (value) on education.
When I do something, I like to see tangible results for my efforts, such as a finished project or measurable progress.
If I were to teach a group, I would prefer to deal with topics rather than verse-by-verse studies.
I am willing to assume a long-term personal responsibility for the spiritual welfare of a group of believers.
I am people-centered; I need many relationships.
I am usually soft-spoken.
I am patient, not one to jump into things, but am willing to respond to others’ needs quickly.
I am fulfilled by performing routine tasks in the church for God's glory.
I am usually involved in or drawn to a variety of activities that help other people.
I keep my personal and business affairs well organized.
I have a burden (heartfelt desire, passion, great concern) to support missions.
I make decisions based strictly on facts and data.
I can clearly communicate goals in a way that others can fulfill them.
I believe salvation is the greatest gift of all, and am driven to tell others about this gift.
Some people think my witnessing methods are pushy.
I can spot (discern, point out, recognize) sin when other people cannot.
I have a desire to tell people about their sin.
I like to use visuals and books to support me when I teach or speak to a group of people.
I constantly search for better ways to do and say things.
I believe I am a very practical, pragmatic person.
I am able to provide helpful solutions and advice to others when they have personal problems.
I spend a great amount of time praying for other people.