The Chosen Study

January 24th kicks off this all-church initiative that will take us all the way to Easter. We’ll be using this acclaimed series on the life of Jesus and his disciples as a tool to help us respond to Jesus’ call to us to follow. There are several ways you can participate:

1) Listen/Watch to Sunday messages that coincide with the series.

2) Join a small group at the church or in a home to watch and discuss each episode.

3) Download the app yourself and watch the series with your family. (It is free at app stores and at their website:

4) Use the weekly Study Guide that has Scriptures, background information, and questions for each episode.

5) We also have added pieces for children!

6) Buy a 40-day devotional book ($10) to help go deeper.

7) Follow our Bible Reading Plan through John’s gospel.

If you want to know more about the making of The CHOSEN and the care taken to make sure it aligns with the Bible, go to YouTube and search: Can you trust The Chosen?

January 26, 2021

This week we begin watching the prequel to The CHOSEN TV series in our homes, at the church or in small group meeting in the homes of others. We are watching The Shepherd this week and I’ll be preaching about a theme from this episode on Sunday. We have groups that will be meeting at the church, in homes and online each week to discuss that week’s episode. If you are looking to build some new relationship in the church, I suggest you check out one of the eight home groups! Below is a list of all the available groups. Please contact the address listed for the group you wish to attend or if you have questions.

Sunday 11:00am Darin FaheyChurch: PeakView
Sunday 4:00pmKerri Olney Zoom (online)
Sunday, 6:00pmSteve & Dianna Oates Home: Squawbush Ridge
Tuesday, 6:00pm Parks/Wynn Home: Cailin Way
Tuesday, 6:00pm Zach & Cindy Barr Home: w/kids: Desert Lily Cir.
Tuesday, 6:30pm Dan Kasson Church: PeakView Room
Tuesday, 6:30pm Larry & Elaine Ward Home: Hubbell Dr.
Wed., 1:00pm Pastors Darrin & Rick Church: Worship Center
Wed., 6:00pm Frank & Margo Jacobs Home w/kids: Ft. Carson
Wed., 6:30pmPastor Darrin & Julie Church: Worship Center
Wed., 6:30pmRyan & Cassandra Taylor Home: Woodsong Way
Wed., 6:30pmChad & Karen Carvalho Home w/kids: Windward Way
Thurs., 5:00pmKerri OlneyZoom (online)
Friday, 6:00pmMike & Cindy NortonHome w/kids: Theresa Dr.

If you wish to watch the episodes at home, there are a few different ways you can do that.

  1. Download The CHOSEN app which gives you free access to every episode. (The Shepherd is the Christmas Special located in the bonus section). You can also view that episode on
  2. Sign up for free with TheChosen.TV, then locate on the dropdown menu Play the Chosen Episodes. The pilot episode which we are watching this week is located there, as well.
  3. We also have the videos on YouTube for your viewing.

Finally, if you would like to receive the weekly study guide that we are preparing for group leaders, send Kerri an email to and she will add you to the email list. You will then receive the study guide each week through the series. It was made for our group leaders but has Bible passages and background information that you’ll find helpful as you prepare to watch each episode.