Thank you for your interest in serving in the Worship Department here at Pikes Peak Christian Church! We believe that God has uniquely gifted every person to serve His Kingdom, and we’re here to help you find out how God has gifted you and where He is calling you to serve.

In the following pages you will see our Core Values which we ask every team member to agree to. Please read them prayerfully and consider if you’re willing to commit to this high standard. You will also see the section labeled “Path of Promotion.” This section outlines the different positions that are available for you to serve in our department and a basic process of how to grow towards a position if God is calling you to do so. These positions are merely options that are available but not required for you to complete. God may be calling you to be a Back Ground Vocalist but not necessarily a Pastor. That’s ok. You are not required to take the steps necessary to become a pastor if God’s not calling you to. You should approach these options humbly and ask God what he’s calling you to do next. Once you’ve heard from God then we can help you take the next steps as outlined in the “Path of Promotion.”

Before you audition/interview, please fill out the application at the end of this packet and turn it in to Pastor Matt Ross. Once we’ve had a chance to review it we will communicate with you as to how we can move forward. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Pastor Matt Ross


Matt Ross

Worship Pastor